May 18, 2018

Office 2011 Setup

Office 2011 Setup – The Microsoft has special versions designed for Mac devices. The Office 2011 Setup is one of such versions intended for Mac. Although, the Microsoft has stopped support for this version. This means the Office 2011 users will not get any security updates or application update as well. We recommend you to update Office to the latest version in order to safeguard your data and device.

Office 2011 Setup

Office 2011 Setup Product Key

If you wish to use any Office Product on your device, you need to have a Product Key. Otherwise, the Microsoft Office will not update and you will not be able to use all the features of the Office on your device.

Similarly, you need to have an Office 2011 Setup product key with you. As we discussed the Microsoft has stopped the support for this particular product that means you can purchase the Office 2011 from the official website. But in case you already have an Office 2011 Product Key with you then you can use that key to install Office on your Mac device. There two methods that you can use to install Office 2011 on Mac.

    1. Install Office 2011 setup using a CD.
  1. Download Free Software using Product Key and install it later.

You may also need this product key to activate the Office 2011 license on Mac. The activation is also a major step that helps the user to start up all the features and services.

Install Office 2011 using CD

If you have an Office 2011 CD and Product key with you then you can easily install the Office 2011 on your device using them. This method is preferable when you have a weak internet connection or no internet connection. You must have CD-ROM drive on your Mac device for this method. For the detailed steps, check this list.

    • Take out the CD from the box and insert it into the CD-ROM of the Mac.
    • The Windows Installer will start automatically.
    • When prompted, enter the Office 2011 Setup Product Key.
    • After verifying the Product Key the Office will start the Installation.
    • Agree to the term and condition of the MS Office 2011.
    • Follow the further instructions to complete the installation.
    • Once the installation is complete, you need to activate the Office 2011 on your Mac.
    • Simply, launch any Office 2011 application like Word or Excel.
    • The Activation Wizard will appear asking for the Product to activate.
    • Choose the method of the activation and click on it.
  • You may need to enter the product key to activate the Office 2011.

If you are facing any issue when following the above steps then we recommend you to contact Microsoft Office Support.

Microsoft Office 2011 Free Download

In case you wish to download the setup files from the Microsoft Office Website then you can follow these steps and get Office 2011 in no time. Also, you will need a good high-speed internet connection on your Mac.

    • To download the Office 2011 on your Mac, start by opening the Web Browser on your Mac.
    • Go to the Office 2011 Setup on your browser.
    • Click on the button to download Office 2011 on your screen.
    • Enter the Product Key in the given blank and hit the download button.
    • Once the download is finished, double-click on the Office 2011 Setup file.
    • The installer will launch on your device.
    • Agree to the term and condition of the Microsoft Office 2011.
    • Follow the instructions of the installer and continue the process.
    • When the installation is done, you will need to activate the Office in order to use the entire feature of the Office 2011.
    • To activate the Office, open any application on your devices such as Word or Excel.
    • When the Office Activation Wizard starts on Mac, enter the Product Key to activate.
  • After verifying the Product Key, your Office 2011 will be activated.

After the complete installation and activation of the product, you will be able to use all the feature of the Office 2011 on your device efficiently.

If you are facing any issue with any of the above steps then you can call us at the toll-free number for Microsoft Office Support. #Office Setup