April 21, 2018

Microsoft Office Login

Microsoft Office Login – Microsoft Account can be used for the various purpose and is very important if you are using the Microsoft Office on your device. Microsoft Office helps you manage, update and renew the product time-to-time. For details related to Microsoft Office Login, read and follow the steps listed below.

Microsoft Office Login

Microsoft Office Login

Create Microsoft Account and Microsoft Office Login

To get to the Microsoft Office Login, you must create a new Microsoft Account first. Here, we are going to discuss the steps to create a new Microsoft Office Account. You can any device for this purpose, you will just need a web browser which is supported by the Microsoft Office. In case, you already have a Microsoft Account then you can skip this step.

    • Check the internet connection and open the web browser on your device.
    • Go to the Microsoft Office Login page on the browser.
    • As you are creating a new Microsoft Account, click on Create an Account button.
    • Enter the username of your choice in the given blank and choose the domain, either “outlook.com” or “hotmail.com”.
    • Click Next. If you get the invalid username error then the name is already taken. Try another username.
    • Generate a strong and unique password for your Microsoft Account.
  • Click Create Account button when you are ready with your details.

After this, you can sign in to the Microsoft Account using the email address and password. The Microsoft may ask you to fill the Account with other details to secure your account. After completion of these steps, you will be able to use your Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Outlook

A Microsoft Account comes with many helpful features like using the Outlook as e-mailing service. The Microsoft Outlook is a web-based service that helps you send and receive emails. You can access other Outlook services like.

    • You can use the username of your Microsoft Account as the email address of the Outlook.
    • It is perfectly operational on web browsers such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
    • You can also install the Outlook application as Office product of a standalone application on your device.
    • Outlook’s calendar-based service helps you keep track of various tasks and complete them on time.
    • You can create a folder for specific emails and further customize them according to your need.
  • Create a profile of your own and connect with your friends to check out their profile using the People feature.

Microsoft Office Login FAQ

If you have any query related to your Microsoft Office Login then feel free to call us. Depending on the questions of the different users, we are providing these Frequently Asked Questions related to the Microsoft Office Login.

What to do when I forget my Microsoft Account password?

    • In case, you have forgotten the Account password then click on the Forgot Password button.
    • Enter your email address or username in the given blank.
    • Answer the security question. If you have forgotten the security answer.
    • Then choose to reset the password using the mobile number.
    • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to Reset the password.
    • In case the mobile number is not working anymore. Use alternative email address.
  • A mail will send to your alternative email address. Open this link to reset and create a new Microsoft Office password.

I am unable to install Office on the device.

    • To know the steps to Office 365 download, you can call us at the toll-free number.
  • You also get the information about other Office products like Office 365 student and Office 365 business.

Where can I get Microsoft Office Support?

    • Call us at the toll-free number which is 24/7 available to access the Microsoft Office Support.
    • Whether you have a technical issue or other error causing the Microsoft Office Login to fail on your device.
  • Just contact us and we will take your problem to a certified technician to help you fix the problem in no time.